All the Shadows


Another day passes, another month, another season. I lay awake at night, still, thinking about this person whom I miss, a person which I have never met, but seem to feel a longing for. I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl, maybe a dog or something along the lines of one. If its a girl, I wonder if she likes to sing, and laughs at jokes even when they aren’t funny, I wonder if the sun makes her sleepy, and if she takes her socks off before she goes to bed. If it’s a boy, I wonder if he’s nice, if his hands are warm, or if he gets home at the end of the day smelling like soil. I wonder if he likes to grow out his mustache during the winter seasons and wears sandals during the summer. If it were to be a dog, well, he would probably be perfect, as most dogs are. Man… I miss him, or her, whoever. I feel like, I would really love him if he were here. I feel that, a piece in my heart was left empty for him, a void, a puzzle piece, whatever you want to call it. I lay here tonight, as I do most nights, staring at the shadows created by the illuminations of the starry, night sky, thinking about my long lost friend, my long lost partner, wherever they may be, hoping that maybe, just maybe, they may be having this feeling, now, too.

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